1Can your toothbrushes be used with 240voltage?
We have many different styles. We sell some in Europe and those can be used with 220-240V. The ones with the US plug cannot.
2Can the ‘enclosed storage container' be removed?
The transparent plastic part of it can be removed. You will be left with the base of the charger and small nubs where the toothbrushes stand.
3Can the toothbrush be easily packed for a trip with dock charger?
We have various models. Some will be easy to pack with the dock charger, some will not. You can always take the toothbrush by itself. It should hold a charge for about 10 days.
4 Can other company’s brush heads be used?
5Does the charger light turn green?
No, it’s a blue color when it’s charging on the base.
6Does this toothbrush come with a container to pack it for travel?
7How do you charge it?
The unit is placed in the stand that contains the charger which is plugged in at all times. It can be left in there until the next brushing.
8How noisy is it compared to the Sonicare and Oral B?
Our toothbrushes are about the same noise level which is not very noisy at all.
9I wanted to know if you can purchase the brush heads separately when they are all used up?
10Is this product approved by the FDA?
Yes, this product has a FDA approval certificate.
11Is toothbrush brush size small enough for children’s mouth?
12What about replacement battery? Supposed to throw it out when the battery dies?
Contact us at
13Who do you contact for warranty?
14How to remove toothbrush head from HP-STX model?
Get a firm hold on a toothbrush with one hand and head brush with another hand. Gently pull them apart. If the brush head doesn't come off easy, soak it in a warm water for a few minutes. It will soften the toothpaste build up and will release the head.